Why Am I Antisocial? Overcome Your Antisocial Tendencies!

Written by Mikko. Posted in Social Anxiety

Why Am i Antisocial?Not everybody finds socializing easy. Some people just struggle to be social. If you are one of these people and often ask yourself, “Why am I antisocial?” you will be reassured to know that there is a lot you can do to make socializing with other people easier. Here are a couple tips on changes you can make in your own life to eliminate your antisocial tendencies:

Socialize More

While it may seem counter intuitive, one of the best things you can do to get over your fear of socializing is to spend more time socializing. It’s a well known fact that facing your fears causes them to diminish. In other words, the more you do something that frightens you, generally speaking, the easier it will be for you to get over your fear of it.

If you’re having trouble feeling motivated to socialize, you should try signing up for some social clubs. While social clubs are becoming less popular, they are a fabulous way to get to meet different people and challenge yourself to flourish in a wide variety of social settings.
Joining a bunch of different social clubs and attending different club meetings will also have the beneficial effect of helping you to improve your conversation skills. Talking with lots of people is the only really good way to become a good conversationalist.

Boost Your Confidence

Often people feel antisocial when they feel unsure of themselves. If you are always doubting yourself, it can be difficult to feel anything other than antisocial. Remind yourself every morning of some of your positive attributes, and when you start to struggle with negative thoughts, try to think of some positive thoughts.

Positive thinking can really do a lot to help you feel better about yourself, and consequently, more social. The better people feel about themselves, in general, the more social they feel.

Learn How to Handle Rejection

Fear is the big driver behind antisocial feelings in a lot of cases. If you are afraid of rejection, and cannot stomach the thought of making a mistake in front of other people, that is probably the root cause of your antisocial feelings. You need to get over your fear of rejection if you want to be successful in social settings and feel more like socializing with other people.

Overcoming your fear of rejection will not be easy. The only way to do it is to face rejection in real life. You do this by putting yourself in situations where rejection is a very real possibility.

A great way to do this, if you are not married or do not have a significant other, is through dating. If you ask enough different people out on dates, you will almost certainly be rejected by at least some people. Maybe you will be rejected by most of the people you ask out.

Turn off the TV

Electronic entertainment devices like the television can be an important part of people’s lives. They serve many useful functions. Unfortunately, they can cause a lot of problems when they are overused.

If you are feeling very antisocial a lot of the time and are always asking yourself, “Why am I antisocial?” it may have something to do with your TV watching habits or how much time you are spending in front of a computer screen. Cut down on the amount of time you spend with electronic entertainment devices, and you will likely find yourself feeling more social as time goes by.

There is no single “cure” for antisocial thoughts or inclinations, but with hard work and the application of a few good strategies, you should be able to make yourself into a more sociable person without too much trouble. Once you get to the point where socializing is easy for you, you will wonder why you had so much trouble socializing originally.