Fight Those Birthday Blues Off!

Written by Mary. Posted in Social Anxiety

birthday bluesStudies have shown that, as early as the age of 18, birthday blues can appear. Several factors can contribute to a feeling of general sadness on a person’s birthday. You might be sad because you are another year older, maybe you were dissatisfied by the gifts you have received or perhaps the celebration you were expecting did not turn out how you expected it.
You need not worry too much if you are having birthday blues, it’s normal! Most people celebrate their birthday with a bit of sadness. However, before you wallow in these bittersweet feelings, here are a few suggestions to take those blues away!


Buy yourself a present, something that you have been wanting for a long time, like the latest iPhone  Or you can go to a great spa for the best treatments in town as a reward for yourself. Every birthday would bring your own personal gift, truly it will contribute great excitement.


If you don’t feel like celebrating your birthday, then so be it! Be polite and honest to the persons most likely throw a party for you that you prefer not to have one.  Appreciate their effort and thank them for their support. However, if you are thrown a surprise birthday bash, then be a good sport! Be grateful for the moment that your birthday is celebrated by the people closest to you and who love to see you happy.


If birthday blues strike you because you feel you have not reached your goals, do not lose heart! You have so many options. You just need to reconsider your goals, be positive and keep your spirits high ! Come up with realistic and attainable goals. Do not regret past mistakes or previous unwise decisions. Instead count your achievements. Make it a habit to reckon all the things that you have done instead of the things you haven’t. I am perfectly sure you will feel better.


So stop just thinking that birthdays mean you are one year older. Feeling older is just a state of mind. Celebrate life! Follow the suggestions above to stop those birthday blues rushing in. Be grateful for every birthday that you are blessed with, remember life is very short. Do not take anything for granted. Always seek out the value of each thing you encounter, each day you face, each experience you learn from.