Balancing Chakras, How It Can Help You?

Written by Mike. Posted in Healthy Living

balancing chakrasHave you been feeling down lately? Do you find yourself feeling limited by the circumstances around you? Is your self-esteem low because your life feels  like it’s in chaos? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who is very successful in business, but is often a failure at relationships. Then it may be time to balance your chakras.

What are chakras you may ask? If this is the first time you’ve ever heard the term, then read on and find out about the 7 chakras, and how balancing your chakras can help you overcome the problems you are facing.

What are chakras?

Chakras are centers in your body where the energy flows. They say that when one of your chakras is blocked, the energy doesn’t flow through, and it may result in illness and imbalance in your life. Here are the 7 chakras, where they are located, aspects of our lives that they influence, and simple ways to balance them.

 1. Root Chakra – this is located at the base of your spine, and it represents your sense of belongingness, feeling grounded and also your career and money mindsets. If you love your job, or you’re good at investing money, then your chakra is strong. If you feel like the opposite, that you’re in a job you hate, and you’re always worried about money, also, if you’re uncomfortable in your own skin and feel unworthy, then this  chakra might be weak or closed.

  • Try stomping on the ground.
  • Try the bridge pose in yoga as an  exercise to open up you root chakra.
 2.    Sacral Chakra – this is located in your lower abdomen and represents your sexuality. Having strong, positive feelings on sex means  your sacral chakra is strong. Feeling the opposite, means your sacral chakra is weak or even closed.
  • Try eating orange colored foods and nuts.
  • Try the Cobra Yoga pose to help open this chakra.

3.     Solar Plexus Chakra – this is located above the navel, and it influences your self-esteem and ability to control your life. This chakra is strong when you have a healthy self-esteem, and you can make confident decisions about your life. If you feel unworthy and you tend to doubt yourself and the decisions you make, then this chakra is weak.

  • Try consuming yellow-colored foods and tea.
  • Try some boat poses (yoga) to help you.

4.      Heart Chakra – it is located at the center of your chest, and it influences your relationships. Your heart chakra is strong when you have meaningful relationships at home, work and with your friends. Finding it hard to trust someone, and struggling with commitment means you have a weak chakra. What can you do to help with this chakra?

  • Try to eat green colored foods.
  • I have to say the best thing to do is simply open yourself up for love.

5.        The Throat Chakra – of course it’s located at your throat; it influences how you  express yourself and communicate with others. When you have good communication skills, and can confidently voice out your ideas and opinions, then you have a strong chakra. When you feel  your ideas are unworthy, and nobody  cares whether you voice is heard  or not, then your chakra is weak.

  • Try a shoulder stand or some chanting to help you align this chakra.

6.       The Intuitive Chakra – this is located at the center of your forehead and influences your intuition. If you can make decisions based on intuition, and you can see the bigger picture, then your chakra is strong. When you feel helpless when it comes to decision making, and your purpose is unclear to you, and you feel “lost”, then your chakra is weak.

  • Try eating chocolates, and fruits like grapes to help you with this chakra.
  • You can also try some herbal oil treatments.

7.      The Crown Chakra – located at the top of your head and influences your ability to be spiritually connected. If you feel connected to a higher power, you have a strong chakra. Feeling the opposite means you have a weak chakra.

  • Try to be around nature
  • Do meditation to open up this chakra.

It may feel like balancing your chakras is a daunting task, try making little changes every day to ensure that your chakras are balanced. You will find the effort will be worth it.