Self-esteem Activities for Children

Written by Aubrey. Posted in Children

self esteem activities for childrenHere’s a question for you, how much do you know about your children? How well do you know them? Sure, you see them every day, but do you really know them? What are their personalities like? What do they like to do ? How do they feel about themselves?
Children nowadays are exposed to so much commercialism that it can affect how they view themselves. Their self-esteem can be impacted by trying to ‘measure up’ to what commercialism is pushing.
As parents, there are things that you can do to ensure that your child grows up balanced and happy.
Encourage your children to do their best
Boost your child’s self esteem by building them up through words of encouragement. Your words are powerful, and will have a great impact on their confidence.
Help them excel in their activities
Does your child like sports? Or maybe they like dancing or playing a musical instrument. You can help them gain confidence by showing interest in their hobbies. Remember that it’s not always about beating other people to show that they are the best. It’s also about having a lot of fun! Spend time together with your children and discuss their interests. You can even plan to do a new activity together. For special occasions when goals have been achieved, you can treat them at their favourite restaurant .The possibilities are endless and they don’t have to be expensive.
Explore your community
Spending time with your family and children does not mean isolating yourselves from your community. Think of your community as your extended family. Think of them as your brothers and sisters. Find a way to involve your family and your children in community activities, like helping with the elderly or gardening. As you expose your children to different types of people and teach them how to form a relationship with them, their confidence and self-esteem will grow.
Parents play the main role in building their children’s self-esteem. It might be challenging, but in the world we live in, there are many choices and activities that can help.  If you are stumped and cannot think of what you might do together, author Mike Mulrooney has come up with a book full of activities that will inspire you. His suggestions arevery practical, and to make it even better, he has listed the activities according to your child’s age. So, whether you’re a parent of a toddler, preschool or secondary school child, you can find an activity to suit in this book.
Just click this link for the book and explore the fun activities you can share with your kids! Self-esteem Activities for Children.